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Newpixel, an award-winning interactive firm with expertise in HTML5, web & mobile development, is passionate about creating games and entertainment media that achieve client goals while captivating users.

We specialize in developing addictive games that help our clients reach new audiences and build quantifiable brand loyalty. Clients also rely on us to concept and implement eLearning environments, product demos and ad banners.

For every project, we meld animation, interactivity and back-end technology to create finished products that break through the barriers of traditional brand promotion.

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Meet The Team

We've got a world-class team of game industry veterans and promising newcomers here at newpixel. Let our well rounded team discuss your project's needs and then sit back and relax as we build out a dazzling feast of sight & sound, with balanced and fun game play!

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    Scott Rodenhizer
    Creative director

    Scott got his start in the special effects world working for Jim Henson Productions as a character painter and sculptor on the Dinosaurs television show. That led to the real world of dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles, where Scott was a sculptor and exhibit designer. He was wooed away from the Paleolithic era and into the digital age by Interplay Productions. As a portrait sculptor and character designer on his first game, Vulcan’s Fury, Scott tasted the limitless possibilities of 3D graphics and the fun of games. He remained in the video game business, honing his skills, for more than a decade. Craving a way to work on more diverse projects, Scott formed newpixel in 2001. As president and creative director, he enjoys the never-ending opportunity to create eye-popping interactive experiences for a wide range of clients.

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    Rich Lovejoy
    Technical director

    Rich has been tinkering with games and graphics ever since he pulled his first Apple IIc out of the box way back in the 80’s. The processors, languages, and capabilities may have changed since then, but Rich continues to this day to thrive creating fun and visually compelling interactive experiences. After graduating from Union College with a degree in Computer Science, he moved to California to be part of the “video game industry”. Rich led a programming team for the gaming publisher Interplay to do effects, graphics, optimization and AI on a few of the earliest 3-D Playstation titles. He then took a few years off from games to do industrial-strength, messaging software as the foundation of the internet was laid down in the 90’s. Fate had it that Rich would be able to join newpixel at its inception and put all of the skill sets he developed over the years to work on a wide array of quality interactive projects- including games, medical simulations, video player systems, and mobile apps.

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    Aaron Steinberg
    Sound design / Music production

    Aaron has produced a gamut of audio intrigue for clients such as Billabong, Subway, Sprint, Red Bull, A&E, History Channel, AMC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, IFC, WE, SpeedTV, ESPN, Nickelodeon, Disney and more. Recent work includes creations for personalities as diverse as Howard Stern and Bill Nye The Science Guy. Original songs will be appearing in upcoming episodes of “24” (Fox) and “Behind The Green Room Door” (Showtime). Additionally, Aaron created sound and music for NHL’s animated webseries “Being Stanley,” which won a Broadband Emmy.



Our Finest Releases

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    July 10, 2014

    BunnyOne is a simple & "add"-ictive rapid fire numbers game with an element of luck for all ages. How 'bout a game of 21?


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